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Slapped (musically) upside of the head… by Wayne


Slapped (musically) upside of the head…


Like others out there, I came to jazz via the blues.  And I know exactly when the transition started. It was a Saturday in the winter of 1982. I was sitting in the car, outside Sears at the Chinook plaza in Calgary, (as always, waiting for my wife), listening to the Saturday afternoon blues program on CKUA radio.   An amazing tune came on – one that I had never heard before - and it completely floored me.   It was ‘So What’ by some guy called Miles Davis. I had never heard of him or a tune anything like that before. My wife thought I was losing it - I raved about it all the way home. I had to find out about it. Took me a few days to contact the radio station & track it down. Of course I then found that the whole ‘Kind of Blue’ album was full of similar great tunes. I was, as you’d expect, my next purchase.  Aside from being (pleasantly) shocked that ALL the tunes on the album were fantastic, I was amazed to find that it had been recorded in 1959! How had I not come across this before? (Probably because I spent most of my time listening to straight ahead blues & rock). That one tune completely changed the direction of my musical interests.