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Tribute To Maynard Ferguson by Dave

I first saw Maynard Ferguson live around 1980, at the Forum in Ontario Place.  A group of us from our high school band arrived six hours early to stake out our seats.


The band was electrifying.  They opened with an impossibly fast version of “Give it One”, and didn’t let up for 2 hours.  The band’s energy was astounding, and my group was enthralled and exuberant.  This was trumpet heaven.  Truly he was, as Stan Mark called him,  “the greatest trumpet player in the world”.   Tired but happy, we left the concert with a renewed enthusiasm for music.


Maynard passed away in 2006.  Of course, he will be remembered for his remarkable trumpet playing and electrifying live performances.  But for young trumpet players, he was an inspiration.  He made the trumpet cool.