The Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble has been around for over 35 years now. We perform a wide variety of big band jazz throughout Mississauga & the GTA and we’re looking for a place to start a once a month jazz program. Same day and week each month so people get know about it. A day when you’re not too busy would be ideal I think to help bring in more business for you. Tuesday night or Sunday afternoon are possible choices. A lot of our audience is seniors and we have a mailing list of about 350. We’d probably do 2 / 50 minute sets and our only requirement is an area of approximately 20’ X 12’ to set up. I know losing tables is an issue but if they would otherwise be empty, it’s something to think about. We also do music suitable for swing dancing, but that might take up additional room. The band usually gets an honorarium to cover some of our expenses, but I’d be open to any suggestions you might have ( cover charge / % of the bar ). We really are in this for the music and it would be nice to see some jazz in Mississauga. We could try it for a few months & see how things go. If you want to check out the band, there’s tons of info on our web site ( www.mbbje.com ). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.                             

                                                                    Thanks!   Rob Boniface ( rboniface@rogers.com )

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